101date cominternet dating scam fake soldiers


The marriage agency explained this situation as ladies were busy and would meet him the next his visiting Ukraine.

The marriage agency proposed the man to continue correspondence with all ladies.

Lady even does not suspect that scammer used her personal information.

The rest 150 brides are fiction and are used for meager fraud.

he asked me to write to an email address requesting leave for him to visit me.

He says he is in afghanistan The reply said there maybe a small charge to cover the logistics of this and asked me to provide his military ID number.

There is no fee for follow up questions before or after accepting, should you wish to continue the conversation.

If you feel that I went an extra step to help you, a bonus in the form of another accept or an “add on” (available after you accept) is truly appreciated.

This way the marriage agency simply used all information about past applicants for fraud.

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