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This strip's character "The Dragon Lady" was based on Joan.

Caniff explained in 1973 that Joan had been the model Cassin was a small man of Irish descent who dressed flamboyantly and operated Lawton's "Ramsey Opera House" and "Air Dome Theater," home to travelling vaudeville shows and such.

(LY) Around 75 people attended this service for close friends and family, including Joan's four kids and brother Hal's daughter Joan Crawford Lowe Fuller.

Friend of Joan and author of the comic strip "Terry and the Pirates," which ran from 1934 to 1946.

Census records indicate Henry was born around 1867.

The 1900 Census for I remember finding a Joan quote online that said something like "I'd rather sleep on a casting couch than on a cold hard floor." (If you know the exact line and in what context she spoke it, please e-mail me.) This was also one of the supposed names of the supposed porn film she made prior to coming to Hollywood.

Joan thought he was her real father (she was known then as "Billie Cassin") until about age 11, when brother informed her otherwise.

Cassin encouraged Joan's dancing, even paying for lessons, and let her hang around his theaters and the show people.

I did little things to mother's dresses to make me look different, but I came off a freak.(LY says it was also known as "The Plumber"--See also ... didn't approve very much of the casting couch, so that wasn't a very big thing at Metro.A lot of actresses, however, could be intimidated, and were.I do things a really disciplined Scientist wouldn't do, but I firmly believe that the body can cure its ailments through faith instead of medication or surgery.I realize there are times when one must have a doctor, but we can take care of most things ourselves, with faith and prayer and patience.He expressed an interest in doing a similar show on Joan and the two met several times to discuss it; Joan didn't like how the Coward program turned out, though, so decided against working with Castle.

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