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Many of his information products teach core business fundamentals (in so-called 'Evergreen niches') which is a testament to their enduring appeal and Eben's continued success., Evan Osnos’ riveting account of 21st century China, when I start noticing the number of ground-breaking women who populate his story.“I never encountered a sense [among women] of being inhibited about wanting to get rich.One of the measurements they have for themselves is the financial success of their companies and themselves.” There are, of course, endless caveats to be applied to any conversation about the status of women in China.Each product was created based on feedback he received from the market telling him what they wanted.This formula has served Eben well, as well as his likeable nature and ability to teach other people in an easy to understand, step by step, way.Osnos compares modern China—a billion-plus people suddenly baptized in the waters of aspiration and ambition—to the Gilded Age, when the number of U. millionaires exploded from 20 to 40,000 in just a generation.But while America’s rush to fortune in the late 1800s was a man’s story, China’s financial wild west (as Osnos notes) includes the other half of the population.

And men still boast far higher net worths, helped by parents eager to help them build real-estate nest eggs to attract daughters-in-law from a limited pool of women, But the same one-child policy that led to a shortage of prospective daughters-in-law (with parents favoring sons in the womb) has also produced a generation of doted-upon only-children who happen to be girls.Known for his down to earth, methodical and professional style, Eben teaches through a mix of video training, webinars, written guides, 1 to 1 coaching and seminars.Eben got his start as a real estate and mortgage broker in La Jolla, San Diego, California.And if American women have been historically tepid about embracing a get-rich culture, women in post-Mao China haven’t been shy at all.In China, where “the ethos of the last 30 years is that to get rich is glorious, that instinct is gender neutral,” Osnos tells me. Eben Pagan, born in Brooklyn, New York, is an American business entrepreneur, author and speaker, best known for teaching dating advice to men (under the stage-name David De Angelo), as well as business management, growth and personal development skills to internet marketers.

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