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The primary function of the professional school counselor is to work individually and collaboratively with others to implement a comprehensive developmental school counseling program(ASCA, 2003).

This program should focus on the academic, career, and personal/social developmental needs of all students, including those with special needs.

However, carriers are recognizes service animals-in-training, and thus businesses, public programs, and workplaces have a legal obligation to allow access to service animals-in- training.

Idaho Code does stipulate that the “dog-in- training” will wear a The Northwest ADA Center is a member of the ADA National Network.

More than a decade ago, when Jenny Lay-Flurrie was looking for a job, she told an interviewer at Microsoft that she had some trouble hearing.“I didn’t tell them I was profoundly deaf,” Lay-Flurrie tells USA TODAY through an American Sign Language interpreter. They helped me realize that my disability is a strength that makes the company better.”Thirteen years later, Lay-Flurrie is the chief accessibility officer for Microsoft.

“I work for a company that supports me every day,” she says.

This fact sheet was developed under grant from the Administration for Community Living (ACL), NIDILRR grant #90DP0016-02-00.

“We’re reaching into a community that is often overlooked. (Only 39% of companies surveyed do this.) And including disabled people among suppliers.

“They’re doing this because they can’t afford not to.

The ACAA defines a service animal as “any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.” U. air carriers and their foreign partners must recognize service animals and consider their presence in the cabin to be a reasonable modification of policy.

Since its pilot three years ago, the number of companies participating in the survey has more than doubled.

Of the 110 companies that participated in 2017, 68 earned a 100% rating in recruitment and engagement efforts of people with disabilities.

Implications for the role that school counselors can play in the identification of students with this profile are discussed, as is the need for the provision of counseling services for this population within the context of comprehensive developmental school counseling programs.

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