American woman dating canadian men


biggest promoter of gay marriage is current american female conduct.

ok ok that was a bit too mean, but really i mean how bout just basic manners, the worst gals in quebec were better. but have you noticed much difference between the two, especially when it comes to dating? You all will kill me for saying this, but she was exceptionally polite and a bit reserved.

Not to mention that Canadian heartthrobs are also some of the notably nicest of all of the silver screen’s leading men. There is nothing quite as genuine and positively heartwarming like the kindness that radiates from a Canadian.

There are plenty of reasons to marry a Canadian other than dual citizenship and a house filled with TWO kinds of bacon!

I recently came back from almost 3 weeks of vacation in Europe. So if you’re carrying 20 grocery bags, don’t expect your man to help you. This is not just something I came up with, I see this every day.

Even if you drive to an Italian village, it’s breathtaking. The architecture is stunning, people are beautiful, the nature is unbelievable. I overindulged on pastas and pizzas, whatever, YOLO. I am not sure why emancipation is so welcomed and encouraged in Canada. 1) But, no, in Canada men and women are considered to be equal.

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Men now clean and take maternity leaves, while women are out there kicking ass. Don’t get me wrong though, even if a woman is a CEO, she must still remember her role as a woman in the house.There is no way a man will let you carry stuff in Europe.He’d rather make two trips than have you help him carry things. Men in Canada get offended if you don’t offer to split the bill on the first date? In Europe, it is common sense that a man pays for the woman.Either the ratings are high in Canada, the casting recruiters include some Canadians, or they simply just do not consider Canadian gals that different (to be included in a US reality series, the only one I know of, of a US reality series that has contestants from outside the US)I hate to admit but I watch that stupid show, and yeah Canadians have become like the token contestant on these shows recently... And they had a few guys on the shows over the last few years who were Canadian and the funniest thing about them? I wondered if it was a PR stunt to show Canadian people have some edge.. This year they included a British girl, (she lives in Arizona), she was kicked out the first day Why are you asking for comparisons between Canadian and American women? ) Are they independent, polite, well educated, literate, resourceful, courageous, responsible, attractive, physically fit, compassionate, socially and environmentally conscious? As a generalisation most of the ordinary Canadian women I know are like that. But this post is not about that, it’s about two different mentalities: European and North-American. Watch this documentary if you’re curious to know more about our differences –VIDEO.

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