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A computer hacker is any skilled computer expert that uses their technical knowledge to overcome a problem.

While "hacker" can refer to any skilled computer programmer, the term has become associated in popular culture with a "security hacker", someone who, with their technical knowledge, uses bugs or exploits to break into computer systems.

He's a person who loves to stay up all night, he and the machine in a love-hate relationship...

They're kids who tended to be brilliant but not very interested in conventional goals[...] It's a term of derision and also the ultimate compliment." Fred Shapiro thinks that "the common theory that 'hacker' originally was a benign term and the malicious connotations of the word were a later perversion is untrue." He found that the malicious connotations were already present at MIT in 1963 (quoting The Tech, an MIT student newspaper), and at that time referred to unauthorized users of the telephone network, Hacker culture is an idea derived from a community of enthusiast computer programmers and systems designers in the 1960s around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT's) Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC) Security hackers are people involved with circumvention of computer security.

A possible middle ground position has been suggested, based on the observation that "hacking" describes a collection of skills and tools which are used by hackers of both descriptions for differing reasons.

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This includes what hacker slang calls "script kiddies", people breaking into computers using programs written by others, with very little knowledge about the way they work.Members of the media sometimes seem unaware of the distinction, grouping legitimate "hackers" such as Linus Torvalds and Steve Wozniak along with criminal "crackers".As a result, the definition is still the subject of heated controversy.Grey hats include those who hack for fun or to troll.They may both fix and exploit vulnerabilities, but usually not for financial gain.Further terms such as "black hat", "white hat" and "gray hat" developed when laws against breaking into computers came into effect, to distinguish criminal activities from those activities which were legal.

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