Are annie and jeff dating season 4

Annie helps Troy prepare for his date with a different girl. The dean solicits Jeff to join Annie in a debate competition, where they will compete against star debater Jeremy Simmons to debate whether Man is intrinsically evil or good.

Abed's latest student films show a prescient tendency that frightens Shirley, whose predicted behavior includes being chased by a werewolf.

SeƱor Chang discovers someone has cheated on their Spanish test, and will fail everyone unless the cheater comes forward within 24 hours.

The group returns from their winter break, and realize a new student named Buddy (Jack Black) has inserted himself into the study group.

When he gives an inspirational speech to calm them down and finally go out with Britta, she reveals his true intentions and asks him to leave.

Jeff storms out, only to find out the answers obtained from Dr. As he is leaving campus, Jeff runs into Pierce and Troy who are encouraged by his advice.

Shirley and Annie mount a student protest after Britta tells them of anti-journalist violence in Guatemala.

Jeff signs up for an "easy A" class taught by Professor Whitman (John Michael Higgins), where all they have to do is "seize the day" to receive an A.

Jeff begins to bond with Shirley over their mutual distaste for Vaughn (Eric Christian Olsen), Britta's new boyfriend, a laid back hippie.

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