Army regulation on officer dating enlisted dating ireland sites


[/quote:6b8a946a4b]By that reasoning its ok to smoke pot and shoot up heroin as long as you don't come up hot on the urinalysis. Just because your chain of command is ignorant of your actions, doesn't make those actions right.

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It's if you make a big deal out of it and if you use your significant's other rank for personal profit that will get you into trouble.

If you do get married and your are in each other's chain of command, one of you will be removed to prevent anyone trying to say your are using each other's rank for personal profit.[quote:43c8029963="gi_janearng"]The Army cannot tell you who you can and cannot marry.[/quote:43c8029963]Yes, they can.[quote:43c8029963]AR 600-20 Army Command Policy Chapter 4 para 14c.

Certain types of personal relationships between officers and enlisted personnel are prohibited.

Prohibited relationships include- (1) On going business relationships between officers and enlisted personnel.....(I didn't quote the entire thing because this paragraph doesn't apply.) (2) [b:7a6c10e548]Dating, shared living accomodations other than those directed by operational requirements, and intimate or sexual relationships between officers and enlisted personnel[/b:7a6c10e548]You see, the original question to the thread was: A Question was brought to me, and im not sure on the answer.

If an officer and an enlisted soldier wanted to get married and the officer wasnt in the enlisted soldier chain of command is this ok?

A Question was brought to me, and im not sure on the answer. Ive heard a a think called the emaculate marriage, meaning they say neither of them knew what proffesion each was in and got married.

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