Ashton kutcher and katherine heigl dating

Spencer rams him into a trench, impaling his car on rebar and killing him.

They then go to the hotel room where Spencer's old boss is staying but find that someone has already killed him.

Heading back to his office for Jen to take a pregnancy test, Spencer is attacked by his secretary (Katheryn Winnick) and realizes that there are others who know about the contract.

Jen then reveals that she is pregnant and is leaving Spencer.

Stopping home to change, Spencer finds that the dinner invitation is just a detour to bring him to a surprise party.

While interrogating him, Henry reveals that there is a million bounty on Spencer's head.

Left alone, Spencer is attacked by a delivery driver, who is then run over and killed by Olivia (Lisa Ann Walter), Henry's wife, another killer vying for the contract.

She then tries to run over Spencer, but Jen returns and smashes Olivia's car into a fuel tank, which Spencer then shoots at and explodes, killing Olivia.

The two discuss their possible future and return to their neighborhood, which is holding its annual block party.

When they first arrive, they are attacked by two more assailants who, in a chase through backyards, crash their car, giving Jen and Spencer a chance to flee into the block party.

One bonus: I'm a fan of casting Tom Selleck and Katherine O'Hara as Heigl's parents.

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