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In my imagination, the South Devon Railway built the Exeter to Plymouth line to their initial plans as a single track line built to Brunel's Broad Gauge, and provided a two platform passing place at Modbury.After the South Devon was absorbed into the GWR in the 1870's, the latter company built the more direct Newton Abbot to Plymouth line skirting the southern reaches of Dartmoor leaving my imaginary route as little more than cross country branch.From a modelling point of view that interest centres on the Edwardian period, I think it the attractiveness of the liveries of the coaching stock and the polished (and well looked after engines).Another bonus (for me) of the period is that GWR wagons could be seen in 3 or 4 different liveries too (although two of them were just transposition of the lettering and numbering). Modbury is a real place in the South Hams district of South Devon, unfortunately though it never had a railway station, the nearest lines being the GWR's main line skirting the souther reaches of Dartmoor, and the Kingsbridge branch from it.It is I think time that I started a thread specifically for my embryonic layout "Modbury".

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A "Templot" plan was printed out full size and transposed onto the bass wood trackbed to allow all of the track to be built in situ.

p=1_5_GWR It all adds up to another reason to model this fascinating colourful period in railway history Ian Baulk Road is certainly not modelled very often (a great shame in my opinion).

According to some documentation (dated 1907) I have (from the Great Western Study Group) the GWR in the Edwardian (and earlier) period painted a lot of their signalling equipment in "Torbay Bright Red", this included the point rodding, stools, signal pulleys, Facing Point Locks and ancillary bits and bobs.

I have tried to design the electrics so that the signals activate the relevant sections of track thereby ensuring that unsignalled move will not be possible.

The current state of the layout as seen at the recent 2mm Expo at Chelford : Edited by Ian Smith, 29 June 2015 - .

I have seen photos of some 2mm baulk road, but with "standard" cross sleepered pointwork, and examples of plain track work too.

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