Beautiful girl dating an ugly guy dating in sligo ireland

Think I’m here only to rake the guys over the coals? I have something to say to some of the women out there, too – like those who date plain lookin guys and hand out chances like chocolates to guys they don’t find so hot once they start getting desperate for marriage.

Do you seriouly not realize how this collective settling behavior perpetuates patriarchy, male entitlement, rape culture and all the other things we fight so hard against?!?

Newsflash, boys: The only pretty girls who date plain guys are whoring themselves for some selfish benefit, and you guys are too f*cking stupid to see it.

That’s why so many of you end up divorced and getting played for fools, then try to say all women are users and gold diggers. Honest women either date hot guys or stay single, so of course you’re gonna meet a lot of dishonest people if you’re always trying to date someone above you on the sexual totem pole!

Want a girl that can actually love you instead of using you? If you’re not attracted to women of your own class, you need to improve your looks and move up. Without good looks, your “awesome personality” is worthless for anything but platonic friendship, and your earning potential is only “attractive” to materialistic girls.

If you want genuine love or desire from a woman, she has to be turned on by you in a sexual way.

As someone who was raised to be a gentleman, in my youth I thought this meant that if I was nice to girls that I was entitled to date an attractive woman.

Personality comes later but is equally important—there's the 'Do I want to get in bed with this person?

' question then there's the 'Do I want them to still be there in the morning? Different, but equally important."So there you have it.

I have an advanced degree and make a good enough living on my own, so I don’t need your earning potential or “generosity”.

I have plenty of platonic friends, so I don’t need you for that, either.

Various forces—a maelstrom of the biological, psychological, and cultural—dictate how we feel about them. We are but insignificant flesh-krill in a tumultuous sea of judgment, shame, and confusion. Having discussed these issues at length with lovers and compatriots alike, we decided to conduct a little unofficial poll as a beacon of light to guide our battered ship away from the shoals. I've managed to swing some good looking partners, but with that comes it's own complications.

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