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I’m happy to know most of you have already prepared the proper storage and skills to try your best when the storm hits. If you have time, stop eating (but maybe get drink) and spend half an hour watching the video below.It is just out since 4th of September 2013 but shows some older video footage of people fighting for their survival in Syria’s current conflict.

Gnn En Iyisi - The Best of Day (Post 1 - Comment 3) 287. Most of us theorize how such events may play out, but none of us is really prepared for them.Living in relative peace and prosperity most of our lives, the majority of Americans would find it almost impossible to even imagine what you are about to see and read. Private pictures of women - only amateur (no porn, no men) 212. Second life pictures taken at Chouchou, Chouchou 220. Video Un-Obamaed: Where freedom of thought remains 111.

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