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I have definitely learnt a lot about myself from making these documentaries.I’ve become wiser to the world, feel a lot more confident in myself and have more pride.Try it now and get access to the biggest incest movie database in the net!

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My experience with my dad has taught me to be more wary of people and to not be too trusting.Whilst I was in America dad started a methadone detox programme, but did it work? The documentary also sees me become an official adult, as I celebrate my eighteenth birthday in style with a fancy dress party.Turning eighteen has been a huge milestone for me; when I look back a year ago I’ve changed so much and I feel like a completely different person.But mum wasn’t alone; she had her parents - my lovely grandparents - to help raise me and without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.I then had a four part series made about my life called ‘Small Teen Bigger World’.In this series my dad got in touch and became a huge part of my life – he moved to Wales to be with me and mum. However at the end of the series I found out that my dad had relapsed and had started to take heroin again.

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