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Jolie and Thornton have adopted a Cambodian baby boy.

Angelina Jolie took custody of the baby in Africa, where she is shooting Beyond Borders (2003), her father, Jon Voight, told reporters at the 3/11 Academy Awards luncheon.

That means that it's not required for you to tell him not to break the rules again.

To do so is very rude and the only purpose it serves is to remind yourself that you're somehow better than him, and attempt to remind him of that as well.

However, a couple of days ago ABC released a description for the 23rs Psalm, along with some Promotional Photos. Eko interrogates Charlie about the Virgin Mary statue, Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie when she discovers his secret, and Jack is an interested observer when Kate gives the recovering Sawyer a much-needed haircut, on "Lost," WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11 (- p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

--The monkeyhate , 17 December 2005 (UTC) So what about that statement, in a non-speculative fashion, tells you that the flashback is going to be Mr. Also, I have no problem with putting the official summary until the episode airs, but it should be defined as such for copyright reasons.

People edit them and then just leave the page without bothering to check for the info they just typed in on the actual page.

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Putting them in either one (even when based on "official" sources) just seems to invite people to add to them, and then we waste all our time reverting and arguing about it.

--DDG , 15 December 2005 (UTC) I'm increasingly on the side of eliminating future references/placeholders altogether. Most of the discussions on this talk page seem to deal with that controversy.

I mean, think about it: having an episode listed with a blank caption like "Flashback:" is an open invitation for anybody who thinks they have that information (from whatever source) to insert it, in the honest belief that they're contributing to Wikipedia that way. -- PKtm , 15 December 2005 (UTC) Now that I think about it, I agree with PKtm's comments above. I'll try not to violate BEANS, but there are currently about six future episodes on the page - they're just all commented out except for 23rd Psalm.

The poll above had no mention of a "future" or "time" factor, it merely limited the information on the page to official broadcast and press release information.

Official press releases from ABC are verifiable, so they are not covered by the policy voted on above.

Most of our collective time is being spent taking out or putting in information about these future episodes.

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