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I have talked to my child's experienced preschool teacher, but she isn't worried. Like me, she stands firm with her discipline, and often gets good results from him as I do at home. I'd probably avoid them more if I wasn't trying to meet my daughter's needs, too. He screams when we give him notice that we are going out. My husband's father is bipolar, and his sister was recently diagnosed bipolar. On my side of the family, both my half brothers (not related to each other by blood), have been diagnosed bipolar.We do our very best to allow him to approach the new situation when he is ready. I only knew about one half-brother and the grandfather before we decided to have children. Is it even possible for a preschooler to be bipolar? I am prepared to go to my boy's pediatrician (She's new to us and with Kaiser), but I'd like to know of anyone who has experienced something like this behavior in a very young child.G's blessings after several years of very difficult times with medications not working and he welcomed the opinions of other minds. I'm probably going to get suggestions to check for autism or sensory processing disorder, but I should say that I have a 5-year-old girl who had this same social aversion and tendency to tantrum.

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Meeting other members who have similar interests is a great way to find things to do once you are dating.

I'm in my 50s and I still have deep feelings about being left to my own devices with my sibling's behavior. Have heard great things about Kiki Chang at Stanford but was wondering if the department and experience overall is worth the drive to Palo Alto. anon I am replying to a post about a young child exhibiting bipolar symptoms-UCSF or Stanford.

Thank you, thank you, for being the tuned-in parents you are. My experience with my child who was diagnosed at the age of five and has been to Stanford, UCSF, Children's Oakland (CHO) and other places for diagnostic purposes is: I would recommend that you see Andrew Giammona, MD at CHO.

Currently he is the department head so it may take some time to get in, but he is smart, thorough, patient, persistent, and caring.

When he takes on your case you and your child are his concern. Dec 2010 I'm very worried about my 3-year-old son's extreme reactions in public.

I remember feeling that same thing you mentioned: if only I could put a sign on him that says ''please don't touch.'' We went to a psychiatrist for 2 years to help us all learn coping techniques for anxiety.

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