Black dating sites reviews

Do a few Facebook pictures, pages liked, and job titles provide valid reasons to select a potential mate for a serious relationship?Does sharing occupational information before even meeting a person create a climate of opportunistic dating?If you like a profile, you hit the “meld” button on the right; if not, go left to “pass.” If that member has also “melded” you… Instead of 150 characters to explain who you are, Meld shares your current job title from Linked In.Though the platform uses your Facebook and Linked In info, it never shares your activity with those platforms, so discretion is maintained.When professionals look for a significant other, finding someone equally yoked is often a priority, so vetting through Linked In provides intel that many consider important.Similarly, knowing common friends and interests care of Facebook gives you valuable insights you might not otherwise discover for a few dates. Meld finds your location via GPS, then presents you with profiles of potential matches based on the geographic and age range you’ve selected. Unlike Tinder, members must additionally be vetted through their Linked In profiles, have a bachelor’s degree, and be Black.

As the best free black dating sites review, we have searched for the most popular black dating websites on the internet.On one hand, the first mobile dating app for the African Diaspora is both clever and timely.We’re all on the go, so who better to connect a busy professional to a potential mate than our constant companion: our cellphone?The best way to answer all these questions is to give it a try.Meld is currently beta testing and free for i Phone, until they launch later this year and begin charging a subscription fee.All the information you need is found in this website.

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