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The culminating clash of Season 2 saw Shepherd’s plan to decimate the Eastern Seaboard with a nuclear weapon finally averted, at which point she was taken into custody and held at a CIA black site.

Yet, creator Martin Gero hints that we haven’t seen the last of Shepherd, stating of Hurd’s Season 3 absence: “We don’t yet have a plan to bring her back, but it’s not a closed door in any way. We love her, and we’d love to find a way to bring her back, but there’s no plan as of yet.” Indeed, the plot-centric explanation for Hurd’s absence is also matched by the fact that Hurd has joined Fox’s Lethal Weapon for its second season, playing a recurring, potentially-important, role as a police chief who has a romantic past with Damon Wayans’s Murtaugh.

“We no longer find it acceptable for white actors to portray black characters.

Disability as a costume needs to also become universally unacceptable.” Baldwin, 59, who has been garnering worldwide attention for his impressions of US President Donald Trump, plays a novelist who lost his sight in a car crash that killed his wife.

Lemke has spent the past two years co-starring on Syfy’s dystopian drama series, Dark Matter, which the cable outlet cancelled after a three-season run this past September.

The Blindspot guest role will see Lemke remain under the NBCUniversal umbrella, now on its network mothership.

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Other TV runs include Killjoys, The Other Kingdom, Ms Labelled, Open Heart and The L. Complex, along with guest roles on series such as Reign, Backstrom, Satisfaction, Murdoch Mysteries, The 4400 and Smallville.She’ll also appear in the 2018-scheduled Canadian miniseries Caught.Michelle Hurd, who played the maternalistic terrorist big bad Shepherd in Season 2, will reportedly not return for Season 3, reports TV Line.Blindspot debuted in fall 2015, emerging as a ratings winner that season, promoting (with visual intrigue,) the mystery connected to the tattoos covering the naked body of Jaimie Alexander’s amnesia-afflicted Jane Doe (or, Alice "Remi" Kruger).Yet, the crime/action series heads into Season 3 with a new time slot, most of its original questions already answered and its primary villain (Michelle Hurd’s Shepherd,) now neutralized.The Ruderman Family Foundation, an American philanthropic organisation that fights for the inclusion of disabled people, compared the casting to so-called blackface, where white actors are cast to play black characters.

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