Bloglines not updating

As my collection of feeds grew and I switched to Pageflakes as a homepage, I decided to move my feeds into Bloglines.I’d heard a lot of positive things about Bloglines and I certainly wasn’t disappointed – the interface worked well and I just found that I gelled with it.I have reached a point where I have too many feeds to keep up with so this was the final push which led to me switching back to Google Reader.OPML makes it so easy to change, it was just a simple case of exporting from Bloglines and importing into Google Reader.

Items weren’t being updated properly, some items I couldn’t mark read, others were being marked read before I read them, and I couldn’t find some of my saved items.I even wrote a blog post about how great it was last year.I have been using Bloglines Beta and particularly liked the 3 pane view.attribute, the only behavior we can obtain is that our property will be updated when the Text Box loses focus.If, instead, we need an immediate update, one possibile solution is to create a class that extends the standard Text Box and handles the Text Changed event to explicitly update the source: , we register on the Text Changed event of the Text Box.At the moment I’m using Google Reader to check the blogs I read but if anyone knows of another way to read blogs (other than just opening each blog individually which I just don’t have time for) please let me know.

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