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I picked it up and sprayed it on my wrist, and oh my goodness. I can smell the citrus and amber and beautiful floral notes. if you want something elegant, in floral oriental family, this is an excellent choice.

It was as if the fragrance had "caramelized" in the heat; the notes had melted together gorgeously. I know alot of the reviews say it is best in winter, but on me, it smells much better in the high temperatures. I wish they didn't discontinued it Beautiful, but so fleeting.

It is pleasant but in my opinion not worth the hype.

Cinema smells like a well crafted celebrity fragrance.

Even though the ad says it's for glamorous women who boast Hollywood scale social life, I believe that in 2017 that translates that it is even for those who like GOING to the cinema. The dust of the movie theater even though these new ones are sprayed and sterilized all day long. The gold of the movie screen, the romantic date, and definitely an autumn evening stroll. I liked the name, but the scent seemed soo boring to me! This is so devastatingly hard to find offline and it's devastating. I get extraordinary longevity and a soft sillage, so it's not likely to offend. I spritzed it on my arm, I I get the citrus/vanilla nice combo.

No, it is not a daytime perfume, it is a very big "hommage" perfume, not only for glamorous girls but also for girls who admire glamorous girls. It opens up mildly citrusy and with a soft bouquet of flowers, vanilla almonds and amber soon follows. Why oh why didn't I buy a bottle when it was readily available? minutes the scent has almost vanished !!!

I guess I will have to hunt down a place to test it out of the "real" bottle tester to compare to mine...??? I really was happy with the scent...I will try again.. Nope, this has a very sharp chemical/synthetic edge and it's so very syrupy. Has anyone tried the discontinued parfum concentrate of Cinema?

When I joined Fragrantica years ago this perfume was lauded on all over the forums. The opening sucks you in with the sour tang of a juicy citric fruit in the same way that Versace Bright Crystal does (is that the peony/citrus combo? The opening note stays for an impressively long time but the transition to base is kind of awkward. Cinema is a very special scent, the top notes kind of sparkle (the pop of paparazzi flash bulbs) delicious clementine orange and almond followed by musky vanilla and jasmine (the long sensual walk down the red carpet) which leads to the delicious amber benzoin base (exclusive after party) the silage is great, I am enveloped an a soft vanilla amber cloud... Update after wearing: After I've worn this a while and it reaches it's dry down, it becomes a much warmer scent, almost cozy. I'm very pleased to have picked this up for a heavily discounted price, bottle is just stunning. Its a true floral oriental, what I would call early 90s floral oriental.

It was such a hit that I went all over my smallish town specifically to seek it out and to my dismay I never found it. The similarities to Versace bright crystal stop when the spicy soft vanilla is revealed, but before the dry down is reached the note seems a bit dusty. Cinema is definitly a new favorite for me, I can strongly smell the Jacques Cavallier touch in this one reminding me of why he is one of my favorite noses. It's still nice, it's just probably not going to be a summer fragrance for me. Its a very safe bet as a gift or for office wear, you please many and offend none. Its rich, full of jasmine and vanilla and those are my two favorite things ever in the fragrance.

The top note is delicate and softly fresh (clementine, almond blossom and cyclamen). The drydown is warm, opulent, and balsamic with amber, musk and sweet powdery vanilla. It offers you a unique blend of smoky vanilla & sparkling oriental notes /candied orange peel, soft almond blossoms, mysterious scent of cyclamen & honey-sweet resins/.

It´s sexy and romantic at the same time & it reminds the echoes of the golden age of Hollywood. Another glorious scent but was discontinued in the late 80s. One of the few perfumes that truly makes me sick...cloying, syrupy, chemical, sweet, synthetic mess.

The EDP comes off as strong, generic citrus for the first few minutes, but quickly dries down to warm creamy vanilla, with freshness and sweetness from the clementine and powdery white musk in its final stages. It's really quite sweet and syrupy, it almost reminds me of some sort of liqueur, maybe Amaretto with the almond note...

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