Broads dating connecticut

it's all in good fun..won't find it 'loathing'......I said that to them because they know me...

those may irk me from someone I dont know well...i agree with msg #12if people know your sense of personality or humor.....

But then I roll with pretty biaches lol so chick or broad ain't nothing but a noun who can take it AND dish it outlol They used to but it was in the context of "check out the tits on that broad"..nothing to do with which side of the tracks she came is a dated term. Old ganster or black & white detective movies that have just become a cliche. I knew my prime was over when they started calling me 'Mamn' at the liquor store (used to ask for ID). But the tone is relevant too: "ladies" can also be offensive, as can "girls", as can even the most correct and safe term, "women", if the words are spoken by a sexist pig-dog.

The politically correct term to use is "women", so using this shows the most respect to the most people, if you are interested in respect, although often more neutral terms can be used and I think these should be preferred e.g.

I've come across a few women who have said they do but I've even heard plenty of women refer to themselves as chicks. I mean, there are things a lot more derogatory than that a woman can be called. Chick is fine, as long as it isn't used in a condescending manner.

I think of it as being on par with "guy" these days.

Just whose sexy toned biceps have been talked about even more than the new bank rescue plan? Who's got the best legs in America and happens to be our nations' most eligible bachelorette? And honestly, do we really care about the trials and tribulations of Lauren Conrad or Paris Hilton's lovelives the way we care about Jen's? Right is right up there as a far more enduring national obsession than, say, deploring the Octomom.

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