Catholic dating advice break ups


A bible verse that I have been meditating on a lot lately is psalm which says plain and simply “God is close to the brokenhearted.” It does not say that he immediately fixes all of their problems and takes away every feeling of hurt or betrayal; it says that he is close to them.So many people feel like God is only present when good things happen to them and that he doesn’t care about their problems.It is followed by a lot of thoughts like We feel like we need to change things about ourselves so that this vulnerability and hurt we feel will never happen again. And yet, as he hung there, he gave everything that he had left to the one friend who was still with him.We begin to harden ourselves and it becomes easy to stick to surface level relationships with others, even our closest friends. The men that he had been with for so long and that he had shared so much with literally left Him to die. He gave his own mother, his very heart, to this friend.

At the times when it is hardest for us, we need to be open to His love.That being said, I think that it is time to start looking at breakups in a bit of a different light.Sure, sobbing, crying, and blowing your nose into your friends sleeve are all okay…Like Jesus, we need to be accepting of the kindness of others and be willing to give of ourselves even when it hurts …And like His apostle, we need to accept Jesus’ gift of his mother to us.We need to take these times and use them to build relationships instead of walls.

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