Chinese on line dating scams

It's also been a massive wake-up call for my PC security, it just wasn't good enough before this whole thing happened.

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The case of a victim known only as Chris, who had thousands stolen by fraudsters who simply rang his bank to gain details and also conned his Facebook friends into sending money too, is highlighted by Get Safe Online.“Her parents wanted money for a house,” he tells me. These people were royalty…”I interrupt and say that China has no royalty.“In the past, you know maybe they were Mongolians or something.” He stares, I nod. I buy them a house and then they give one back to me after the marriage.”“Why not just call it even? If you buy them a house and then they give you one, it makes no sense.”“That’s what I thought. So I was like ‘hey I want to see some rights of ownership and such.’”“How much was the house? Larry is the one who had to fill in for the groom at a Chinese wedding.They said if I wanted to marry their daughter I had to buy a house.”“Why didn’t you? ”“I don’t remember, one or two million RMB.”“In 2005? Post-Olympic China was filled with cash, most of that happened after 2007, however. His bride could not find the husband and yanked Larry along instead. “Score,” I say.“Not really.” He slides his cell my way.So reads the litany of ads seeking to match unsuspecting men with a “loving” Chinese bride.Such agencies claim to help bridge the cultural gap that stands in the way of men finding true love.Another recent scam involves fraudsters exploiting online shopping applications Francis Maude, minister for the Cabinet Office, said: 'The UK cyber market is worth over £80billion a year and rising.

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