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Jones, then 18-years old, had gone to his girlfriend's house and when he was not allowed to see her, decided he was "out to hurt someone" and went to Darin Oellerich's house.Darin and Rhonda rented the farmhouse in Apple River, Illinois from Jones's grandfather and Jones had once lived in the house so he was familiar with it. What Christ did at His First coming and what He will do at His Second Coming are clearly pictured... View full product details » Empower Your Prayers for the World Nothing fuels prayer like seeing a need with your own eyes. View full product details » The ancient Feasts of Israel are God’s prophetic timetable throughout history. 24 Scripture songs taken fromthe Holy Bible , New International Version Songs include: 1. Drawing on insights from Scripture and her own case... Donald knew then 35-year-old Mack HIll and had been partners with Hill in several failed businesses.Donald was shot in the head once with a .25-caliber pistol and his body was found in a 55-gallon drum, wrapped in plastic and then covered with concrete and dumped in a lake.

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Hill had a previous conviction for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and had served less than four years of a twelve year sentence and was on parole when Donald was murdered.

Hill's accomplice received a 20 year sentence for robbery. Survivors and relatives of victims in the bombing were not surprised by Mc Veigh's choice.

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He broke in through a basement window, drank some orange juice, then went into their bedroom.

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