Cisco aironet validating identity

I would choose the Test network in that available list and click Connect, and that'ts when the error comes up.

Should I highlight the Test network on choose Change Advanced Settings to change any settings within that?

Is there anything else on the AP1252 I would need to configure? Still getting the same cert error on the client side.

Should I set the setting differently on the client side?

OK, I have double-checked my settings, the Radius client with a shared secret was set up correctly.

For the Policy, however, I created the policy under Network Policies, not Connection Request Policy.

Thanks, AC: Finally got some time to figure this out, and SUCCESS!!!

I chose the Certificate Authority route (it's free!!!

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Learn more about our newest service included in Total Security Suite today! After configuring the server NAP (I set it up similar to the ASA VPN policy that I already have) I used the express security setup page to enter the ssid, broadcast, no vlan, and choose wpa with radius (entering the server's ip address) and apply.I just happened to have a Windows 7 machine next to me, and gave it a shot and still no luck.With the Windows 7 machine, it actually displays a logon page (username and password) but comes back with the Network Authentication Failed error.I have since removed that and followed your instructions above. Also, the same error - Windows unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network Test - is still coming up.So, now I have set it up exactly like your instructions above. Just to summarize my settings on the AP, all I did was under the Express Security Setup: enter the SSID broadcast SSID in Beacon no VLAN chose EAP Authentication and entered the NAP server IP address and shared secret.I assume you already have this set up right if you've got the IP and Secret.

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