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Throughout the year, a handful of national reenactments are also staged, where several thousand reenactors might convene.

Most reenactments commemorate a specific Civil War battle; however, unlike the actual war, the events are generally conducted on weekends, with the arrival of the reenactors on a Friday evening.

Reenactors, referring to themselves sometimes as "living historians," are individuals who publicly recreate historical events and eras by donning historical dress and emulating period behavior.

For most it is a hobby or pastime, occurring among all age groups and genders in varying locations around the world.

Saturday and Sunday activities entail military drills and staged battles.

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There are many reasons why Confederate reenactors participate in the hobby.

Strauss has identified several key motivations: a love of Civil War era history, an opportunity to play a role "larger than life," social bonding, and perhaps most disturbing, some reenactors express discontent with the outcome of the Civil War and the resultant erosion of white hegemony in the United States.

Other activities during the weekend might include a period religious service, recruiting rally, and military ball.

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