Dark women dating

Even IF celebrity men chose to date only a certain type of woman, that should mean nothing to you if you don’t run in celebrity circles.A lot of you don’t even go outside, where do you suppose you’re going to meet a Baller? Devoting energy to men you don’t want, won’t date or will never meet, is a waste of time.This means that no matter who you’re in a room with, you must present yourself in a manner that shows that you believe that you are worthy of respect, love and admiration. With this mentality, you will be beating men off with a stick.Even women society would lead you to believe are “unattractive” are able to attract men because of their confidence and attitude. Yes, some black men get on social media and belittle black women, making us feel that we are undesirable. We are adults and there is a life outside of Twitter and Instagram.The short answer: Not as much as we are lead to believe.So black women, dark skin black women, this is where we need to have a chat and discuss what WE are doing wrong. Dark skin black women, we have got to stop adopting the theory that black men do not date black women, and if they do, they don’t date dark skinned women.

Kelly Rowland is happily married and lord knows Serena Williams, Lupita N’yongo and Naomi Campbell have no problem getting a man. Lastly ladies, stop making up fake facts and statistics about celebrity men and their dating lifestyle if you will never find yourself dating a celebrity man.In fact, I know several who could have their pick of any man they wanted.If you find that you’re having trouble getting men to notice you, it may not be your skin, it’s your lack of confidence.It also debunks the lies that black women are not getting married.So, with this information readily available to us, why are we quickly believing that black men don’t want us?You should not assume because they are lighter in hue that they are ANY less black than you. If we stopped fighting against each other, we could see the bigger picture: as a whole we are winning!

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