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Sex demons have also traditionally been the way that people would explain out-of-wedlock pregnancies, promiscuity, and abortion in ancient and historical times.It’s sort of a “the devil made me do it” mentality.Making men go insane with lust, the muse would lead weary voyagers into the water, where they would surely drown under the muse’s spell.Muses are still talked about today as beings that bring about creativity, and to which men will do just about anything to show his love and success. love: 10 signs you’re feeling lust, not love] #8 Angels.Sex demons grew out of the need to find some “scientific” reason why love and desire exist.They are the demons that overtake our bodies and make us behave in unnatural or uncharacteristic ways.It is a small elf-like demon who is capable of climbing onto a victim’s chest and then turning into a gaseous state to make its entry into the nostrils, vagina, or mouth.

But at some point, they could not contain their own desire and thus began to mate with human women, creating a mixed race.

Because the Encantado had a blowhole, he was said to wear a hat to hide it, which made women weary of any charismatic man who sported a hat. Hidden in the Northern region of Hungary is said to be a creature called a Liderc.

Hatched from the first egg of a black hen, Liderc would hide inside of a human’s pocket.

Okay, the title probably got you a little excited, but sex demons aren’t about girls who are a freak in the sheets.

Civilizations have believed in mythical sex demons for as long as recorded history.

One look at this mythical creature, and women could supposedly be convinced to have sex with this ugly creature.

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