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So hold those reins and don’t get too carried away. Kissing for too long or too short Although the right length of time one should take while kissing varies from person to person, dragging it out is generally a sign of a bad kisser.

You are probably making your partner gasp for breath and depriving them of oxygen. Once you are into it, make the most of it and don’t leave the other person hanging. Making unpleasant noises There was this one time when I was kissing a guy in his car and while doing so I could hear some noises in the background.

To be in love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

When Cupid strikes, both the body and the mind seem to be in a trance.

But don’t carry the conversation into the process of kissing.This might leave your partner apprehensive to go ahead. Whether you take it easy and slow or fast and passionate, make sure you don’t hurt your partner, both physically and mentally. Biting the lips too much Nipping your partner’s lips here and there while you are tenderly kissing is fine but biting is certainly unwelcome.In fact, this could be pretty much torturous to your partner if they are not into love bites.If you have observed your partner to be slightly repelled by your idea of kissing or them not reciprocating in a similar fashion when you indulge in a kiss, you might be going wrong somewhere.Yes, a bad kiss can be quite a turn off and might hamper further intimate moments.This can be repelling enough to drive your potential partner miles away! So, next time you have a cup of coffee or a cigarette, do give it a second thought if you are on your way to meet your partner. Touching fiercely while kissing Kissing is the first step to taking your relationship to the next level.

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