Dating a girl who cuts herself


The incessant abuse we bestowed upon our strands with the brutal weaponry of hot irons and teasing combs has wreaked severe havoc.Our hair (and our souls) are left worn and damaged.There are few girls who would dare to deny this universal truth transcendent among women of all ages residing across the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe: There is no material possession in our lives rich with greater substance than our HAIR.I don’t care if its length surpasses the curve of your waist or if it’s razor-cut and asymmetrical.Whether it’s to signal the end of a relationship or a new promotion at work -- there is usually a direct correlation between what’s happening on our heads and what’s happening in our lives.”Amen.The hair goddesses up above couldn’t have said it more articulately than our expert.

What if a woman invested her time into seeking adventure, reading, kissing someone new and engaging in conversation? What could fill up those empty hours she spent tangled into the thick wires of flatirons and hairdryers?And once we get a glimpse of her neck, our eyes work their way down to her clavicle...Short hair exposes and highlights the physique of a woman -- in a way long hair simply can’t. I've discovered that my 14-year-old daughter has been cutting herself.She'd hidden it from me and I found out only when her head of year contacted me.The best thing a woman can do when caught up in the tethered ties of a breakup is to embark on a change of heart through the change of her HAIR.

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