Dating and relating book review


Once in a relationship, good boundaries would be used to protect your level emotional attachment and sexual intimacy, and guard against any number of potential mates with “red flag” character flaws such lying, immaturity, outbursts, etc.

The authors also discussed the topic of engaging in healthy conflict, and normalized it, to my liking.

Or, people would think the book was really just filled with coupons and tips to save money while dating.When I think about this approach, and it only being ten bucks on Amazon, I feel better about buying it. Summary The premise, which is the same as in other Cloud and Townsend books, is that of proper boundaries. I don’t remember them ever actually providing the definition of a boundary, but I deduced it through many of their practical examples.My best description is that boundaries are more or less practical ways of defining what you value, so that you can find someone worth dating (and marrying).For example, you might not know how much you value a clean house until you marry someone who’s not as tidy as you are.This person would inadvertently cross your boundary by leaving socks on the bedroom floor which is a “no-no” to you.I believe the authors had to stick with the “boundaries” theme because of its past popularity in their previous works.

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