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“Obviously we all ‘perform’ gender to a certain extent, but the baseball cap only has these associations because we assign it that sporty jock meaning.

More often, I’m wearing hats just because I just like the way it looks or I don’t want to do my hair.” In the club or on an app, the idea that a baseball cap tricks romantic partners into thinking you’re some masc bro feels like a stretch.

Stilettos say something different than sneakers; a peacoat something distinct from a bomber.

With gay men, hatfishing becomes complicated by the additional (and highly loaded) wrinkle of masculinity.

David could barely contain his dismay."What a crock of s--t! During a 2012 appearance on "Conan," he confirmed that he's perfectly fine with women dating him just because he's rich and famous."Why would that concern me?

During an appearance on TODAY, Matt Lauer brought up a recent study that found women think bald men are more attractive and dominant. Believe me, as a bald man, there's not a word of truth to any of that."The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star has historically been more than happy to open up about his difficulties in the dating pool.

“I went out with a guy who wore a baseball cap on our first date,” says Jean, a 32-year-old writer.

You are, after all, still a dude trying to have sex with dudes.

Kevin thinks the hat’s power is not in what it inspires in others, but what it does for the wearer himself: clothing as placebo.

“I got hatfished a few weeks ago,” says Deon, a 27-year-old PR manager.

“When I met him at the bar, he had a hat on and was really cute, but the next day, he texted me this photo of himself with no hat on, and he had the weirdest hairstyle I’d ever seen.

The stupidity had to be met with something like that.

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