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Soft and bright, this Chinese lager has a subtle sweetness to it.There are some really alluring cocktails at Nine Dragons! I expected a little more flavor, but I was really left with a lingering impression of melon liqueur.Their Treasures of the Dragon menu includes three courses for a set price, and is also available to guests using the Disney Dining Plan.

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By bike or by ski, he can be found spending his free time on the thrilling slopes of Whistler Blackcomb.My husband chose a bottle of Tsingtao, one of his favorite beers.He enjoys it a lot, and frequently orders it when we go to our favorite local Chinese restaurant.It’s worth paying attention to, because it’s a lovely detail that shows just how thoughtful Imagineers (Decorators? I’m not sure whether they are new, or I’ve just never noticed them, but the round booths are fun and a really nice touch.These would probably be my second choice next to a window table as far as seating goes.Long before “social networking” became a buzzword, Bruce made his mark as a digital pioneer by co-founding Lavalife in 1988.

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