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This equalizer features: Treble Boost/Cut: /- 10 db @ 8k Hz, a shift in the cut frequency, and about a 2d B slope per octave.

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Since the "active electronics" inside this guitar require a 9-volt battery to be able to produce an output, it is very much recommended to always have at least one extra good 9-volt battery and a small screwdriver handy to change the internal battery, if required, during a set.Some feel it is "not as warm" as Rosewood (perhaps a "more lively" sound) and yet "not as bright" as Maple.It is sometimes used as a side and back wood on acoustic instruments Due to demand for Pau Ferro it is currently in somewhat shortened supply.The original Fender tuners had been replaced by the former owner with 1/2-inch diameter Hipshot Ultralight Clovers.A bit harder and smoother (less open grain) than a typical Rosewood finger board, it a breeze to play. Pau Ferro is harder than rosewood and has been an ideal choice for 5-string and fretless bass guitar use.Since this was a 2000-series (actually assembled in 2001) it uses the "Five Inline" style tuners.

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