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The cakes and pastries are also delectable, including a sublime Black Forest Gateau and the local speciality, the Nusse Torte.

Dating back to the 12th century, this intriguing 33-meter-high tower is one of the main symbols of St Moritz and is all that is left of the St Mauritius Church that was demolished over 100 years ago.

A famous 19th-century Realistic Symbolism painter and a national treasure, Giovanni Segantini is best known for his sweeping Alpine landscapes, and spent much time in the Engadin area.

This makes the stunning Alpine town of St Moritz the perfect place for the Segantini Museum.

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of this lovely town is the breathtaking Lake St. While quite small compared to some of Switzerland’s other lakes, with a surface area of less than a kilometre-squared, it is a site of a number of sport activities throughout the year, especially when it is frozen.Its incline of 5.5 degrees is more than that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and is vying for the title of ‘most inclined tower in Europe’.Since the ground on which it sits is not stable, it has to be straightened up slightly every few years.Mr Erhardt's father, Dr Hans-Georg Dieterle, described his son as sporty and 'full of life'and said the condition was not stopping him from living a normal life He added: 'I don’t think necessarily that on each and every project there’s an expectation to always stay late.I think there’s more an expectation, a general expectation for our profession, and you know about that before you join an investment bank, in terms of what you expect from work hours.'Staff at the bank worked out where Mr Erhardt lived and how to get in, and when they arrived, helped by wardens at the accommodation, Mr Schroeder said they found the light in his room off and the blinds down.'In general I think the well-being is very important in the bank', he said, adding that the 'exceptional hours' Mr Erhardt had reportedly been working in the days running up to his death were 'to my knowledge, unheard-of hours'.This is the mountain that hosted the alpine skiing during the Winter Olympics in 1948 and has also hosted a number of tournaments and championships since.

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