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Now I'm stuck with a brand new large bottle of Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez that I paid over 0 for and will never use it again. One of my most beloved scent this winter 2017-18, I really adore it, but I am afraid I am turning allergic against it.I am only using two small sparys now, for being able to wear it.

To my nose, it smells like clean warm skin and a bit of powder. Now I tested the Poudree version in store a few times in the last weeks and found it so nice that I remembered why I needed to have the white cube two years ago, and now I'm in love with that one again and wear it for the third day in a row. Lovely, lively, sweet but still fresh and dry, airy.

Really, this is a must try for anyone looking for the perfect musk fragrance. And that's another strange thing, this is the only scent I have ever worn that can smell differently on me at different times.

It's a skin chemistry chameleon lol I am waiting on a bottle of the EDT version from a swap and I can't wait to see how it compares.

"I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance that would turn a man’s head,” announces the designer, with the description, “The sensuality becomes a little bit more sexy, a little bit more intoxicating.” The composition is composed of white gardenia and rose above the warm heart of musk.

The base includes woody accords of vetiver and two types of cedar: black and white.

Perfect for cold weather, has an obvious Narciso Rodriguez-identity and is very elegant!

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