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Because it will always make my heart pounding, and wondered how it goes.

Reconciled, father and son watch Barack Obama’s election-night victory speech.

‘Yes we can,’ cries Obama, as the credits and the tears roll.

if your going to use the (almost) exact same scenes you should at least do better than the one you are remaking.... the original Korean one was made in 2001 and the American one was made in 2008 (to clear up any confusion).

if you want to see this movie i suggest watching the original with subtitles (which can be found on the internet) in my opinion it's better. sorry if this offends but i fell this remake was a flop.

My sassy girl is a remake of the Korean movie of the same name.

Also read : 20 Best Korean Dramas of All Time (mixed between romance and non romance)The romantic genre is one of the most common genre adopted in Korean Drama Industry, the reason behind this is simple, this genre directly touch the feeling of the viewer.See full summary » In the sequel to the 2001 Korean drama My Sassy Girl, Shangzhen (Lynn Xiong-Ip Man) saves a suicidal Jianyu (Leon Jay Williams) after he has broken up with his girlfriend and instead ...See full summary » My Sassy Girl is the tale of the first and last time Charlie Bello falls in love.The father, who considers him the pride of black America, is Cecil Gaines (Forest Whittaker), constantly at odds with his activist son, Louis (David Oyelowo).Yet still Cecil believed that whites were innately superior to blacks.From their initial meeting, trouble is the name of the game.

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