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‘I can’t be quiet as that’s when I notice the ringing in my ears.’ The condition they’re referring to is tinnitus – the perception of constant noise in the ears, from a ringing, whistling, buzzing to a roaring sound.

Other famous sufferers include singer Barbra Streisand, who blames her famous bad temper on the problem.

It is available at The Tinnitus Clinic in London’s Harley Street.

It was assumed that smoking, caffeine and alcohol impact on the condition, but experts suggest they may not make much difference.

Stimulants or certain foods can, however, exacerbate it.

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‘We have recently been asked to do a clinical trial on a German i Pod-like machine called the Co-ordinated Reset [CR] device,’ says Dr Hoare.

This plays sounds tuned exactly to the pitch of the tinnitus and is thought to switch off the overactive nerve cells.

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‘There’s always a beep there every day, all day,’ says the coach on TV’s hit reality show The Voice.If the hairs are damaged, the impulses don’t get to the brain. It’s all about managing the condition.’ He recommends Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT), which is akin to cognitive behavioural therapy but employs relaxation techniques as well.But the brain recognises there is something missing and turns up the volume. It is available on the NHS and experts suggest up to 70 per cent of patients experience improvement.Check out our tips at How to Perfect Your Christian Mingle Profile to get started.Online dating is an opportunity to meet and greet all types of Christian singles.So what can you do about it, especially if your doctor seems unable to help?

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