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It’s not just for fatties who are deemed "acceptable" by the rest of the world. In addition to Corissa herself, 21 women complied, emailing over snaps of themselves in one-pieces and two-pieces, lounging in the pool and posing confidently on the beach.

The blogger than shared them all in a single post titled: 'We exist: Diversity is Plus Size Bodies.' The gallery includes snaps of full-figured women including Kellie Kay, Breian Brockington, Crystal Newton, and Angelina Duplisea.'The impacts of mainstream media are pervasive, and when people see certain bodies touted as “good” day in and day out, it’s difficult for them to find value in a body that,' Corissa explained on her blog.

The stuff is designed for any endeavor, from weight lifting and hiking to high-intensity training and endurance sports.

The line is about what you'd expect from a high-end performance sportswear maker: integrated fabric solutions rather than treatments applied afterwards, which helps boost durability through multiple washes; seam-free panels; high-wicking synthetics.

"We don't need to be all things to all people: If we go lower than size 10, we will end up refocusing on other women's needs and failing to meets everyone’s needs as a result." More public figures are vocalizing their desire for ad campaigns and media to reflect more diverse body types.

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"Apparel channels—trail running, climbing, mountain biking, etc.—are appropriate but don't always need to exist," says Riggins.The options for larger women simply don't exist or are too low caliber, say Deborah Christel and Susan Dunn, the co-authors of the study. Only a handful of these brands, including Lucy, Under Armour, Athleta, and REI, offer "extended" sizes, which typically means they offer apparel options larger than XL.And until Rsport launched on March 31, there were zero performance apparel brands dedicated to plus sizes.The average woman's size aligns with the brand's XL."We fit to the middle of the range and scale out using fit models for the whole gamut," says Riggins: size 22-24 (3X) is at the center, with three larger and three smaller sizes.The plan is to eschew a brick-and-mortar shop for a decked-out Airstream (coming soon) that will offer pop-up shopping experiences and partner with other brands that prioritize plus wear.

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