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First reported: Rinder Details: Here are pictures of a Russian girl that email me thru a dating web site.

This girl I really like her until one day I found her in another scammers site?

So actually i have no loss then the 30,- of transfer fee.

On your website he is registered as kuznetsov ilya-4/23-lenina street-cheboksary-russia with the mail adress [email protected] i got his mails from [email protected] am not sure if it is the same guy but they have got the same adress and wishes.

on the same day i went online to gayromeo to check his account profile, i found out that it has already been deleted.I attributed this to her English not being perfect so I let it slide. A red flag came up because we had not even talked on the phone before. I copied and pasted some of the text from her e-mails into google -- lo, and behold; I found the exact letters she had written to me, (in sequence and everything) on messageboards where others have been claiming to have been scammed.My heart sank but I'm glad I found this out before it could go any further.If you want me to stay in contact with him i can by telling a little lie to him like he did with me for a few months now, if that would be any help for you to find him.If you have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.She has just started to request financial assistance.

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