Dating selfish women


No woman, with the exception of an emotionally intelligent woman or a genuine Sexy. To hold space for a man’s emotions, you have to have a grip or profound understanding of your , which a lot of women struggle with.

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Maybe the best thing in this world right now is the fact that men and women both have the ability to see the similarities of the emotional worlds they posses separately, while also honoring the differences that men and women have when it comes to approaching the same things.

What is it about our belief structures that make some women feel that men have to prove themselves in order for us to hand over our hearts?

If men are human, and are equally, or even more scared than we women are emotionally, given all this proving and earning shit they have to do from a cultural standpoint, while women just wait to be rescued and saved how did we women become so entitled and emotional selfish that men can’t even go there getting all freaked out?

I was in my own experience that it was hard for me to step outside of myself. I was in pain, stuck in the past, angry about the wrongs and injustices of my life.

I brought the past into every relationship I had and I didn’t even know it until someone had the balls to call me out on it and ask me to wake up to my emotional blueprint and unconscious triggers.

, but why is it that a lot of women don’t think about or relate to a man’s pain in the same way they are aware of or relate to their own?

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