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While those concerns are valid, the CDC and NIH have concluded that even though someone with HIV could have hidden reservoirs of the virus, there is conclusive evidence that those traces are not viable and cannot be transmitted.

Dr Fauci said the CDC's statement will have a two-fold positive effect: dispelling societal stigma and personal stigma.'No one should ever under-estimate the concern about social stigma - the pressure people put on themselves,' Dr Fauci explained.

'But now, if you know that by taking medication you are dangerous to nobody, that does have a profound impact psychologically.

People won't be afraid to get tested and start medication so they can suppress their viral load.'Bruce Richman, founder of Prevention Access Campaign which has pioneered the push to recognize U=U, told Daily Mail Online: 'This is a new world for people living with HIV.

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It means the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has joined scores of public health agencies and more than 400 organizations from nearly 60 countries in affirming that people who take medication are not dangerous to sexual partners.'There are people out there who have guilt and fear about getting tested positive.They are afraid of the stigma of being positive, so they may not get tested.'They have never said undetectable equals untransmittable.They have explained the data and acknowledged findings of cohort studies and clinical trials, but they have never come out and said it the way the gay community wanted to hear it.The strength of this association first became clear a few years ago, and gradually health officials have been acknowledging the results.

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