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I mean, many uniforms utilize white color schemes – doctors with lab coats, nurses with those quirky hats, and some formal military dress. Last place: I’ve been told by professional PR agents to avoid at all costs yellow clothes when I’m doing a television spot. Yellow is the most difficult color for the eye to take in, so it can be overpowering.Nevertheless, many people perceive it as an optimistic, cheerful, and tropical color.Moore’s notion of an “attractive and flirtatious” attitude.So, I say wear the colors that make you feel confident, attractive, and mentally and emotionally stimulated.This makes sense given that some research indicates that blue causes the body to release hormones that instill feelings of calm and relaxation. However, blue can also be perceived as cold or even depressing.

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For instance, laboratory studies and observations in actual social settings by Dr.

Note that I’m ranking them according to the most desirable to least desirable choices: There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular color choices.

Most people equate blue with peace and tranquility.

To many people, black is a very sensual and alluring color.

It’s popular in fashion since it makes people appear thinner. This perception nicely feeds into the whole “women are naturally looking for men with social status and economic security” idea from evolutionary theory. Black can be dull and cliché – I mean just how many “little black dresses” are out there anyway?!

Simply put, when you feel attractive inside, you radiate and project attractiveness on the outside.

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