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It was claimed that these farms provided 40% of the country's GDP and up to 60% of its foreign earnings.Major export products included tobacco, beef, sugar, cotton, and maize. Gold, asbestos, nickel, and chrome were mined by foreign-owned concerns such as Lonrho (Lonmin since 1999) and Anglo American.These included the industrialisation and prosperity of the economy in the post-War period.

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The early white settlers came in search of mineral resources, finding deposits of coal, chromium, nickel, platinum, and gold.This resulted in a major feature of the Rhodesian economy—the "white farm".The white farm was typically a large (38.6 mi²)) mechanised estate, owned by a white family and employing hundreds of black people.Also, the white farming community never amounted to more than 8% of the total white population and this proportion fell steadily after 1945 up to independence in 1980.Various factors encouraged the growth of the white population of Rhodesia.They also found some of the best farmland in Africa.

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