Dating the book of ezekiel

"Magog" refers to a people known to the Greeks as the Scythians whosettled in Asia Minor, originally in the approximate area of Armenia.Eventually theycame to dominate all of Asia Minor (now Turkey) and spread eastwardas far as China."Gomer" is known to historians as Gimarrai of north-central Asia Minor.Please note that all the areas mentioned so far are predominantly Muslim. "Tarshish" settled in seaport areas surrounding the Mediterranean, mostly in western Europe, and became symbolic of Gentile nations a long sea journey west of Israel.

Ezekiel didn't have "tanks" and "missiles" and "rocket launchers" and "airplanes" in his vocabulary.If you look on a modern map, you won't find any of these countries.God knew, when He gave this prophecy, that countries change names and people tend to move around.As long as the Egyptian military retains control, Egypt will be no worse than neutral to Israel.So there is at least a short-term opportunity for this invasion to proceed without Egypt.Therefore He described these people using names of tribal groups dating back to the immediate Post-Flood period.

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