Dating vietnamese girls


It’s perfect for tourists who are coming here on holiday for a few weeks, and want to see what the country has to offer and get a few free girls along the way.

You can join up and start messaging Vietnamese girls a few weeks before you arrive, get there details and set up several dates, and even ask them to be your free tour guide if traveling alone.

In this post, I’ll share my experiences from dating various women and having long-term relationships.

You’ll find out exactly what Vietnamese girls are like, and why they’re the best women you can possibly date. (Your Girl Will Think About You All The Time) A lot of modern women suffer from “wandering eyes.” They get into a relationship, eventually lose interest, and then start cheating. Vietnamese girls aren’t looking for hook-ups and quick flings. They’re getting tattoos, swearing like sailors, blacking out drunk, doing drugs, and adopting all sorts of negative habits.

Around 95% of the girls are normal hard working girls who are just looking for a western man.

It happens all the time in the USA and other Western countries. In fact, most of the women I’ve dated want to get married and have a serious, long-term relationship. This is fine if you’re looking for hook-ups or just want to hang out with crazy parties girls, but it’s bad news for starting a real relationship. Girls don’t have sex with strangers, rarely drink, and put their energy towards productive activities.

If you’re looking for loyalty and someone who’ll stay by your side no matter what, you need to get a Vietnamese girlfriend. They like cooking, painting, singing, and helping their families.

While your girlfriend and you may come from different backgrounds, you’ll still get along and have a great time together.

I’ve never met a Vietnamese woman who acted bitchy or churned up drama.

You’ll get fed a ton of good food (like spring rolls, pork, and various rice dishes), plus you’ll spend time with your girlfriend’s entire family. “Culture clash” is something that many Western men worry about. While Vietnam is very different from the United States, and other Western countries, it’s not going to cause any real problems.

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