Dating while legally separated in sc


South Carolina’s marital property laws are, like the majority of states, equitable distribution laws.

Spouses in South Carolina have a right to all marital property.

A rebound relationship can be a bad idea for many reasons—including your divorce.

Some spouses are often hurt when their marriage ends, and have no interest in pursuing a new relationship.

Legal separations, though not very commonplace, trump divorce and emerge as a better choice for spouses who feel that a divorce will affect the personal and financial aspects of their lives.

Studies indicate that the overwhelming majority of married couples who legally separate get divorced within 3 years of their separation.

A mediator or an attorney can help you and your partner reach a separation agreement.If you’re divorcing or planning to divorce in South Carolina, you should speak with an experienced local divorce lawyer about your rights to marital property.By agreeing to a division of property through negotiating with your spouse or during a mediation, you may be unnecessarily waiving your rights to some property or assets.Having said that, it is important to have a period where both parties give each other time to cool off.Utilize this time window to recover from past experiences that paved way for the marriage breakdown.If you are legally separated from your spouse, you may remain so for as long as the two of you desire.

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