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His appearance may be imposing and scary, but his heart is not.

He is often seeking his owner’s affection and attention and he is great with children.

When it comes to the general appearance, the eyes are of medium size, deep set and dark.

The eyelids are almond-shaped and tight, with well developed brows while the ears are high set, of medium size and moderate thickness.

This breed has also been the state dog of Pennsylvania since 1965.The most common information related to this breed is that their size is huge but their hearts are even bigger.The nickname Gentle Giant was not given for no apparent reason, because they really like to be spoiled by their owners and most of them like sitting on their owners’ laps, even when they are mature.He is not a noisy dog who would bark and grown without any reason and he can be very quiet indoors.He is also not suited to be kept as a guard dog even though his appearance is enough to keep intruders from walking in.Generally, a male should be about 32-34” in height and weights from 120 and up to 200 pounds.

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