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It's supposed to be highly contagious so everyone who interacted with him has to clean the hell out of everything. I saw Dean at a Kenny Kennny/Susanne Bartsch club kid party at this club called Room Service three years ago with this GORGEOUS blonde girl on his arm that was looked like she stepped off the cover of French Vogue and a tall, athletic black dude that looked like a basketball player who I'm guessing was his buddy. In his highest-paying role ever, Winters plays destructive Mr.

They were off to the side by the bar the whole time talking amongst themselves. Mayhem." I just about died laughing when I read that.

well you know [r58] -- but you know when you have kids ...although what you say is very true. Dean OTOH is just a party guy, and this story that made the papers has more than one version. He stopped a lot of his public displays when his first kid came around and now he has two. re: [r58] "That period in his life was called hiding in plain sight.

This one's as good as any I've [email protected][r60] -- what part of that are you confused about? Now that he's more famous he makes out in private." 2.

It must be a prestigious job if a recent Oscar winner is doing one. Open a new window or tab in your browser and paste the link into the address line at the top. The site it links to, though, is detecting a direct link from DL and blocking it.

If you do what I said, they won't get any association with DL.

Dean Winters' amazing journey back from death Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the day Dean Winters died.

In a harrowing story he's never told before, the actor from "Oz," "Rescue Me" and "30 Rock" collapsed with a bacterial infection on his way to Lenox Hill Hospital when his heart stopped beating for 2½ minutes.

Just because you know his friend doesn't mean you or his friend know everything about Chris's personal life, R69.Vincent's, so I went to my doctor's office on Central Park West, where I collapsed.I was turning black, and my whole head was swelling up."As the ambulance raced across the park, "I died on Fifth Avenue," Winters said.He's married with children and has a multimillion paycheck to protect.He's not going to go around telling everybody he likes guys.The paramedics were able to bring him back, and he spent three weeks in the ICU.

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