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Read the posts and replies on the blog, add a little info elsewhere and then just get on with making the tea, seeing friends and being you. I would read some info and then go away and go over and over it, trying to figure this out, that out, testing myself, question this or that.It truly was a vicious cycle and I had no hope of being part of the world around me, when my whole world was me.I was not running home feeling sorry for myself, anxiety was not winning, I was.These trips to the quiz went on for many months and each time I went I would feel a little more comfortable and a little more normal, until I was sitting chatting away and enjoying myself.Online shops offers: Fragrance 25 items for 8.44 - 103.99 USDFragrance EUR 11 items for 31.45 - 76.81 EURFragrance 11 items for 38.69 - 98.99 5 items for 42.65 - 69.95 GBPStrawberry EUR 3 items for 79.00 - 113.50 EURView products...

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This is why you see people on here move forward over time.So let’s try and help change this shift in attitude.One thing to make very clear is resist the need to work everything out, please don’t waste time and energy doing this, it is time to interact with the world around you and not yourself and how you are feeling, this just makes you feel more inward.Firstly sorry for the late post, as stated it was computer problems.I still don’t have access to my files where I placed the success stories, so here is a seperate post until I get my files back.One other thing, I keep getting emails from people off the blog asking if I can do a post on this subject or that subject.

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