Economic theory of dating

To figure this out, you could do "field work" at a local bar to observe the choices people make in real dating situations or sift through archived marriage announcements to see who chooses whom.

But observed dating and marriage choices are at least as much a result of whom we meet as what we prefer.

For our study, we also asked them to rate their partners' intelligence, looks, and ambition after each meeting.

Each event had between 10 and 20 daters of each gender, and in the course of the evening, every man met every woman and vice versa.

The redistribution of wealth attempts to ensure an equal status for all individuals living under the government’s umbrella.

A more modern economic concept is Keynesian economics.

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Classical economic theory tends to favor a free market system.Under this theory, little government intervention is necessary to help support a society.Classical economists believe that individuals allowed to act in their own self-interests will present a strong group of consumers. The protection of personal property through courts of law is often a major component of free market economics.These studies and information-gathering sessions represent the science that backs up economic theory.Economic methodology is also important; methodology dictates the best way to collect data and make it useful for economic decision making.After two years of serving as academic love brokers, we had data on thousands of decisions made by more than 400 daters from Columbia University's various graduate and professional schools.

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